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Get the scoop of the latest developments, the “what’s hot”, as well as toy-related events, toy concepts and character designs within the urban vinyl toy landscape.

PlayTimes delves into new trends, technology, events and advancements within the urban vinyl toy scene worldwide. At the same time, the publication is a mouthpiece for the toy community, and aims to cultivate understanding among companies on the role of designer toys in marketing their products and profiling their brands.

Each issue of PlayTimes is a collectible in itself, featuring a customised cover uniquely conceptualised and illustrated by a popular designer.

Showcasing exclusive interviews with celebrated designers every bi-monthly.

Words from the Editor

Who says toys are just for kids?

You’ve seen them around; 12″ Gardener figures, the ubiquitous Kubricks, Be@rbricks, Tofuman, the fire fighters and workers from Brothersfree, etc…and these are not for your average 10 year old. They’re art, they’re kitsch (well, some of them actually are!) and very collectable.

They are the heart of a new movement with its own culture, competition, heroes and superstars. They’re called ‘Urban vinyl’ or ‘Designer’ toys and they’re designed, made and produced by world famous artist and companies in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.

A relatively new phenomenon, the urban vinyl toy scene originated right here in Asia, attracting an eclectic mix of comic book readers, graphic designers, fashionistas and graffiti writers to form an underground culture through urban vinyl. These toys, almost true to life cartoons, are each uniquely designed, named and outfitted.

Over the past few years, these urban toys have hit the USA and Europe through toy conventions and as a result, underground artist such as Michael Lau, Tomoyuki Washio, Pete Fowler and Tim Biskup have reached celebrity status by developing inspiring caricatures. Most of these artists have already branched out into mini figures such as Kubricks & Qees, plush toys, 12″ figures. Four-inch homies tote cans of spray paint ready to tag your neighbourhood. The action and block figures can stand anywhere from two to fourteen inches and range in price from SGD$10 to SGD$1000, and many actually increase in value over time!
We at PlayTimes are dedicating ourselves to introduce you the newest toy concepts and character design. So prepare yourself for this monthly adventure into urban vinyl. We have done all the hard work finding out what’s hot and what’s not, just so you don’t have to.

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