How Ring Toss Game is Played

Ring toss game is considered an outdoor game where the participants throw rings from a well set distance to get the rings put on a raised platform or a post at times. The whole aim of the game is to land each ring over the platform or the placed post. The player with the greatest number of accumulated points wins the game.

ring toss game

Rules for the Ring Toss Game

Participants of the game are asked to pick up a color. The players will toss the rings in the posts according to the color they chose. These rings are mostly plastic but for the outdoors,lighter  stainless steel rings are usually suitable.This is how the game is played;

  • Participants or teams take turns throwing the rings by the set starting lineup, which might vary depending on skill or age level. The rings are thrown to small stands or platforms. These platforms might be pop up bottles at an homemade game or a set up raised platform. Other items are usually used too, for example horns or even the human participants.
  • In Some variations or other versions of the game, several articles or platforms are installed on an base. Articles have special point values, such as 3 points to get a midst post or just one point for an abysmal article.
  • Once the players have chucked their rings they accumulate the points for each color. Only rings which stay within the articles have been scored — when A-Ring strikes a pole and pops a way, it doesn’t score points.
  • In some other versions of the game, it include two articles or platforms, Much like horseshoes, together with players teams standing near each article or the platform, Pitching rings in the alternative article or platform. In this variant, a ring Within the Post scores two points and also a ring leaning against the article or post scores.
Ring toss game
A horn shaped post or platform

The Game is more interesting with a different number of levels and platforms to throw the ring in. Suitable for indoor arenas or during a calm sunny day.

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